Using Theory to Plan Change

Change is a constant in healthcare today. Treatments improve, new drugs are discovered, new techniques are developed, and new challenges arise. Change can be frightening and we may try to hold on to the status quo to avoid fear of the unknown. Change theories can help those of us who must implement change into a health system combat the resistance that often accompanies change. This module explains the two major change theories that can be used to implement change in a health system.

You will learn:

  • Describe the use of theory in planning for change
  • Review Lewin’s change theory
  • Define Kotter’s 8-Step Change Process
  • Use Kotter’s theory to identify steps in a specified change

Author(s): Bonnie Jerome-D’Emilia, MPH, RN, John Voss, MD

Estimated time to complete: 20 minutes

Credit hours: .25

Method and Medium: Learners participate in the interactive learning modules by correctly answering multiple choice questions dispersed throughout. Learners will be prompted to try again if a question is answered incorrectly.

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