Coronary Angiography: A Primer

Coronary angiography is the definitive “gold standard” clinical technique for evaluating coronary anatomy and bypass grafts in many patients. The laboratory and catheters provide a platform for coronary intervention and revascularization. In this lesson, we will use three dimensional presentations of coronary anatomy to learn the most commonly used views for coronary angiography, ventriculography, and aortography.

You will learn:

  • To identify and interpret the views commonly used for ventriculography and aortography
  • To identify and interpret the views commonly used for coronary angiography
  • To learn through a practice set to correctly identify the standard views used in a normal patient undergoing ventriculography and coronary angiography

Author(s): Lawrence W Gimple, MD

Estimated time to complete: 30 minutes

Credit hours: .5

Method and Medium: Learners participate in the interactive learning modules by correctly answering multiple choice questions dispersed throughout. Learners will be prompted to try again if a question is answered incorrectly.

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